YOJULY 3 Wheels Kick Scooter- Wide PU LED Flashing Wheels, Adjustable Height, for kids 2 to 14 Years

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In this YOJULY 3 WHEELS KICK SCOOTER DVD, we meet the character, Michael, who is tasked with driving and racing a stolen car. With his limited knowledge and training, Michael must also rely on his wits and skills to outrace and beat the thief. The film was directed by Clint Eastwood and stars John Travolta, James Belushi, Dennis Hopper and Tom Cruise.


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Product Features

WIDE ANTI-SKID DECK: 5.5 inch widened anti-skid deck is adopted, and the pedals are covered with anti-skid patterns on a large area, allowing you to glide freely without taking off your feet. Scientific and stable structure: 3-wheel design, smooth triangle structure, prevent the body from leaning forward, rear-wheel foot brake, you can step on in time to stop sliding. ????WIDENED PU FLASH WHEEL: The front wheel is a 2inch wide flash wheel. The widened wheel has a firmer grip and can be used on a variety of road surfaces. The wheel has a built-in flash, which makes it glow by turning, and the more gliding the light, the safer it will be at night. ????ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT T-BAR: There are 3 height adjustment gears, you can adjust the height of the armrest according to the height of the child, 26.5-29-30.5 inch, suitable for boys and girls 2-14 years old, it is a kind that can accompany children Growing up gifts. ????CENTER OF GRAVITY STEERING: relying on the child's own weight to control the steering can better cultivate the child's balance and coordination. ONE-CLICK FOLDING: The pull-type folding is more durable than traditional methods, not easy to rust, and lasts longer. You can easily put it in the trunk of the car for easy travel and storage