WV WONDER VIEW Kick Scooter Kids Scooter 3 Wheel Scooter, 4 Height Adjustable Pu Wheels Extra Wide Deck Best Gifts for Kids, Boys Girls

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Product Description

WV Wonder View Scooter is a highly adjustable and portable scooter that can be taken with you anywhere. It comes with both manual and electric-powered scooter that allow one to adjust the seat height. The seat also tilts up or down to adjust itself to your height and the height of your child. This scooter offers a wide range of features to make life easier for parents who need to travel with their children.

WV WONDER VIEW Scooter Adjustable

The motorized electric scooter has two speeds. One of the speeds is suitable for the younger child, while the other speed can be used by older children. The electric scooter is very lightweight, so it can easily be folded into a compact and lightweight frame. The folding features allows it to be stored in a trunk or a side car of any vehicle.

The seat of the scooter is easily adjusted with one hand to accommodate the height of the child and even the size of the child. The seat is also very comfortable with a backrest that is designed in such a way that it prevents pressure on the shoulders. Another nice feature of this seat is that it is designed to provide stability during the entire ride.

The WV Wonder View scooter also comes with a steering wheel that has four gears and can be turned by one hand. It is made with an adjustable brake so that you can use it whenever you want and the handlebar can also be used for adjusting the speed of the scooter. The seat also provides a good amount of height to the seat for ease when the child needs to get up from the seat.

The wheels of the WV Wonder View scooter are designed with a rubber rim for durability and added grip on hard surfaces. The wheel base is also very low, which allows you to easily handle it while carrying it. The handlebar also provides you with the necessary grip when it comes to controlling the scooter.

The battery of the scooter is designed in such a way that it is highly durable and will last long. The battery is also designed with a rechargeable capacity so that the battery can be charged quickly. for continued use. You will have a range of about fifty miles, and you can also enjoy the rides in different climates.

When it comes to safety, the WV Wonder View is a top notch scooter that has all the safety features that parents need to take care of their child safely. The battery of the scooter has a warning light system that will ensure that the battery does not become overcharged. Once this happens, you can simply charge the battery and continue with your travels.

The scooter also comes with a canopy that allows you to enjoy the view of the surroundings and the surrounding while enjoying the ride. The canopy can be removed and folded to make it very portable and easy to transport it to places where you require. The canopy is also made of a soft material to allow easy cleaning and you will not have to worry about damage to the scooter.

The scooter has been tested to pass the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The scooter meets all of the minimum safety standards and is approved by all the state authorities. This makes it a safe scooter for the children to ride. You can find the WV Wonder View scooter in various models and at affordable prices too.

You can choose to buy the WV Wonder View scooter in both a manual mode and electric mode. If you want to enjoy the rides in manual mode, you will have to turn the handlebar to go forward or back and then shift the throttle to move the scooter along the road. However, when it comes to electric mode, you will just need to plug the scooter into an electrical outlet and it will start.

In order to enjoy the smooth rides in electric mode, you need to ensure that you have enough juice for the battery of the scooter. There are various websites that provide you with a lot of information about the WV Wonder View scooter so that you can buy the best suitable one for your needs. There is a wide range of price ranges to choose from, but there is nothing like having the scooter for yourself and enjoying the ride to the fullest.

Product Features

Our Kick Scooter teaches kids balance and steering. They have to learn how to lean when trying to turn and also how to stop, gives new riders stability to build their confidence and improve their riding skills. Outstanding Quality:3 wheels kick scooter built with aluminum alloy pipe and stainless-steel parts, the triangle design made scooter more stable and safer for little people. Adjustable scooter: Our kick scooter design with 4 adjustable height options to accommodate ages 2 to 14 years old. PU 4 LED light up wheels with ABEC-7 bearings gives more smooth and speed glide, bright and attractive design make children safe and funny in dark. Wide Kickboard:5.3 inches wide nylon deck for children place both feet on it, easy for little kids to hop on and off. Sturdy enough to hold up to 154lbs. Foldable Scooter: The kick scooter is 100% assembled, foldable design is ideal for storage and travel.