Hover-1 Helix Electric Hoverboard | 7MPH Top Speed, 4 Mile Range, 6HR Full-Charge, Built-In Bluetooth Speaker, Rider Modes: Beginner to Expert



The Hover-1 Helix Electric Hoverboard is a product of Hover-1, a company known for its innovation, quality, and commitment to providing the best electric scooters and hoverboards in the market. Established in 2015, Hover-1 has rapidly gained popularity and built a strong reputation in the automotive diagnostic industry, offering a wide range of products that cater to different needs and preferences.

Hover-1’s experience in the industry has led them to create cutting-edge designs, incorporating advanced technology and user-friendly features. The company’s dedication to customer satisfaction has earned them a loyal customer base and a strong market reputation. 🌟

The Hover-1 Helix Electric Hoverboard is no exception to the company’s high standards. With its sleek design, impressive technical specifications, and added versatility, this hoverboard is a game-changer in personal transportation. 🛴💨

Key features of the Hover-1 Helix Hoverboard include:

  • 6.5-inch wheels
  • 400W motor (200W x 2)
  • The maximum speed of 7 mph
  • 4-mile range
  • 6-hour full charge
  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 speaker
  • Customizable LED lights
  • Android/iOS compatible Bluetooth app
  • 3 skill modes
  • GPS tracking
  • Inertia dynamic stabilization system with gyroscopes and acceleration sensors
  • Kart buggy attachment

Advantages and benefits of the Hover-1 Helix Hoverboard include:

  • Smooth and stable ride
  • Easy learning curve
  • Self-balancing technology
  • Bluetooth speaker for music playback
  • Customizable LED lights for increased visibility and personalization
  • App compatibility for added control and customization
  • Transformable into a go-kart with the kart buggy attachment 🏎️

Step-by-step instructions for using the Hover-1 Helix Hoverboard:

  1. Ensure the hoverboard is fully charged.
  2. Please turn on the hoverboard and place it on a flat surface.
  3. Step on one side of the hoverboard, allowing it to stabilize before stepping on the other.
  4. Apply pressure with your feet and lean to accelerate, decelerate, and steer.
  5. Practice in beginner mode before progressing to more advanced modes.

Maintenance tips:

  • Regularly check and tighten screws.
  • Keep the hoverboard clean and dry.
  • Store the hoverboard in a cool, dry place when not in use.


  1. Versatile design with kart buggy attachment.
  2. User-friendly with self-balancing technology.
  3. Bluetooth speaker for music playback.
  4. Customizable LED lights.
  5. App compatibility for added control and customization.


  1. Limited range of 4 miles.
  2. 6-hour charging time.

Warranty and Return Policy The Hover-1 Helix Electric Hoverboard has a limited warranty, covering manufacturing defects and issues related to material quality. Please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions for more information.

In conclusion, the Hover-1 Helix Electric Hoverboard offers a versatile, fun, and user-friendly personal transportation experience. This hoverboard stands out with its advanced technology, customizable features, and kart buggy attachment. If you’re looking for a reliable,

A high-quality hoverboard with unique capabilities, the Hover-1 Helix is a fantastic option to consider. 🎉🛴

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can the Hover-1 Helix Hoverboard be used off-road? The Hover-1 Helix is designed for use on smooth, even surfaces. It may not perform as well on rough or uneven terrain due to its 6.5-inch wheels. For off-road use, consider a hoverboard specifically designed for off-road conditions.
  2. Is the Hover-1 Helix Hoverboard waterproof? The Hover-1 Helix is not entirely waterproof. It can withstand minor splashes, but riding in heavy rain or submerging the hoverboard in water is not recommended. Always store it in a dry place when not in use.
  3. How much weight can the Hover-1 Helix Hoverboard support? The Hover-1 Helix Hoverboard can support up to 160 lbs (72 kg) riders. Exceeding this weight limit may result in reduced performance or potential damage to the hoverboard.
  4. Can I replace the battery in my Hover-1 Helix Hoverboard? Yes, the Hover-1 Helix Hoverboard battery can be replaced if necessary. It is recommended to contact Hover-1 customer support for assistance with battery replacement.
  5. Is the Hover-1 Helix Hoverboard suitable for children? The Hover-1 Helix Hoverboard is ideal for riders aged 13 and above. It is essential to ensure that children are supervised while using the hoverboard and follow safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

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