Gotrax HoverflyKart Hoverboard Kart Seat Attachment Accessory for 6.5″ 8″ 8.5″ 10″ Self Balancing Scooter, Adjustable Frame Length and Handlebar Control Buggy Attachment, Hover Board Go Kart Accessory



About Gotrax

Gotrax is a renowned company known for its innovative and high-quality electric scooters, hoverboards, and accessories. Established in 2017, Gotrax has been dedicated to providing customers with superior products designed for exceptional performance, safety, and user satisfaction. Their commitment to research and development has positioned them as a leading brand in the personal transportation industry.

Gotrax HoverflyKart: A Game-Changing Accessory

The Gotrax HoverflyKart is a hoverboard kart seat attachment accessory that transforms your self-balancing scooter into an exciting go-kart experience. Compatible with most hoverboards with wheel sizes from 6.5″ to 10″, this versatile accessory offers an adjustable frame length, handlebar control, and a sturdy aluminum construction.

Key features of the Gotrax HoverflyKart:

Widely compatible with popular hoverboard brands and models
Adjustable frame length from 30.70″ to 38.58″
Easy-to-use handlebar controls for smooth navigation
Sturdy aluminum frame for durability
Quick and easy assembly in less than 10 minutes

Pros and Cons

Enhances hoverboard fun and usability
Suitable for a wide range of ages and heights
Offers better balance and stability while riding
Easy to assemble and disassemble

Hoverboard not included
Limited to specific hoverboard models and sizes
Warranty and Return Policy
The Gotrax HoverflyKart comes with a 180-day warranty, ensuring peace of mind for customers. For more details on their return policy, visit the Gotrax website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Gotrax HoverflyKart suitable for off-road use?
The HoverflyKart is designed for use on flat, smooth surfaces. Off-road use is not recommended.

Can the Gotrax HoverflyKart be used with a hoverboard that has integrated Bluetooth speakers?
Yes, the HoverflyKart can be used with hoverboards that have built-in Bluetooth speakers.

How do I clean and maintain my Gotrax HoverflyKart?
To clean and maintain your HoverflyKart, use a damp cloth to wipe the surface and check for any loose screws or parts regularly.

Is the Gotrax HoverflyKart suitable for children?
The Gotrax HoverflyKart is suitable for children above the age of 13 with adult supervision.

Are there any safety features included with the Gotrax HoverflyKart?
The HoverflyKart includes anti-slip rubber handlebars and foot grips for added safety and control.

Comparison: Gotrax HoverflyKart vs. Competitors

Expensive option: Ninebot Gokart Kit by Segway
Affordable option: Hishine Hoverboard Seat Attachment
The Gotrax HoverflyKart offers a balance of affordability and quality, making it a popular choice for hoverboard enthusiasts.


The Gotrax HoverflyKart is a versatile and exciting accessory that enhances the hoverboard experience. Its compatibility, adjustability, and easy assembly make it a must-have for hoverboard lovers. Experience a new way to enjoy your self-balancing scooter with the Gotrax HoverflyKart.

Safety Warnings and Compliance Standards

It’s essential to ensure safety while using the Gotrax HoverflyKart. The following safety warnings and compliance standards should be considered:

Always wear appropriate safety gear, such as a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads.
Follow the user manual’s guidelines and recommendations.
Do not exceed the maximum weight capacity as determined by your self-balancing scooter.
Keep the HoverflyKart on flat, smooth surfaces, avoiding off-road use.
Ensure the hoverboard is compliant with safety standards such as UL 2272.
Environmental Impact
Gotrax is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and producing environmentally friendly products. Some measures taken by the company include:

Using energy-efficient manufacturing processes and materials.
Encouraging the use of electric scooters and hoverboards as sustainable alternatives to traditional transportation.
Continuously working on improving battery efficiency and longevity.
In summary, the Gotrax HoverflyKart is an excellent addition to your hoverboard, providing a fun and thrilling go-kart experience. Its compatibility, adjustable frame, and easy assembly make it a popular choice among hoverboard enthusiasts. With its safety features and compliance with industry standards, the HoverflyKart ensures a secure and enjoyable ride.
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