Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter, Black - LED Light-Up, Adjustable Handle Bar, for Kids Ages 5+

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Product Description


The Jetson Jupiter Kicking Scooter, just like the other Jetson models, is a folding scooter that folds for easy storage in the trunk of your car or other vehicles. With over 100 lightweight LED lights on both the handlebars and wheels, the Jetson Juno Folding Kick scooter is guaranteed to light up the road for non-stop fun! A simple folding mechanism located at the bottom of the handle bar makes it easy to fold the front handle bar toward the back wheel and lock the handle bar in place. This convenient folding design, coupled with an easy lightweight frame, makes the Jupiter Kicking Scooter a simple breeze to take with you everywhere.

To fold the kick scooter you simply need to unfold it and then roll it toward the rear of the scooter. As you move from one side to another on the seat, you will notice that the kicking action remains constant. Unlike some other folding scooters, the Jupiter kicks much harder than its size would indicate. So, even if you have smaller kids, you can easily handle it. And, if you need to keep the kicking motion going, you just need to fold it up and carry it with you!

The kick-start mechanism is very simple and works with the same type of mechanism used in the Jefferson vans. The kick-start unit is located under the kick pedal. It contains the ignition switch that will initiate the kicking motion when the foot hits the kick pedal.

Some versions of the Jefferson kick scooters are equipped with a battery charger that will charge the kick pedals when they are not in use. In some models, you can also purchase a power brush kit that you can use to clean the surface of the kick pedals.

When it comes to maneuvering the Jefferson kicking scooter, you will want to make sure that you have your seatbelt fastened correctly. In other words, always be careful when riding in the open vehicle while the doors are closed. Since the Jupiter kickers are very powerful, they are designed to propel the rider forward motion with a strong thrust forward.

You might find that there are two models of Jetson kicking scooters available: a manual or electric model. Both of these are good choices but if you are looking for a simpler scooter, the manual model may be the better choice. If you find yourself wanting a little more speed, then an electric model of this kicking scooter may be for you.

The Jetson Jupiter Kicking Scooter comes with safety features built in for your protection. The seat belt has been designed to prevent any accidents by limiting the force of the kick and provide protection to your legs and body. Also, it has airbags on each side of your body for additional protection. Also, airbags will release if you are involved in an accident or fall onto a hard floor. Also, there is a built-in brake system that helps you to stop the scooter from hitting objects.

The safety features of this product will ensure that your kids love using their kicking scooter. They will be able to enjoy their kicks while being protected from the potential dangers of being in the open vehicle. These features make the Jupiter kicking scooter an excellent choice for a child's transportation and fun.

The Jefferson kick scooter has many accessories that you can add to your Jupiter kicking scooter. Many of these accessories will help you get the most out of your use of this product. Some of these accessories include things such as a helmet, leather seat, an adjustable handgrip, an air compressor, a charger kit, a battery pack, an extendable kickstand, and so much more.

The best part about the kick scooters is that they come with a lifetime guarantee for any kind of defects or damages that they cause to your Jet scooter. If there are issues with the kick scooter, just let your Jet dealer know so that they can work with you to fix or replace it for you.

You can find the Jetson Jupiter kicking scooter at most major retailers as well as online stores. Most online stores will offer special discount prices and free shipping if you buy several. of the same product.

Product Features

All systems go – the lightweight design and easy folding mechanism make it easy to pick up and carry. Play favorites – over 100 LED lights integrated in the STEM and deck, along with LED light-up wheels, provide extra visibility, improve safety, and brighten the fun. Built for fun - the sturdy wide deck and durable frame are built to last, so the Jupiter is ready for light-years of fun! Always Growing - easily adjust the handlebar height to suit your child as they grow. Safety first - the Jupiter sports an easy to access rear foot brake for a complete and full stop.