Envy Scooters PRODIGY S8 Complete Scooter - Oil Slick

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Product Description

Envy Scooters PRODIGY Complete Scooter

The Envy Prodigy complete scooter has been on the market for several years and it continues to be a highly recommended choice for anyone wanting to take up scooters. Envy bikes have always had a high level of popularity and the latest model is no exception. This Envy Prodigy series 8 now has a Street version range with more street specific parts.

This range is especially suited to those beginning to move into the road scooter scene, as it is specifically designed to take on the bumps and turns of city life. For this reason it is particularly good value for money when compared to other complete scooters on the market which may not be designed to cope with a number of different terrains.

The Street model of this complete scooter is slightly cheaper than its main range counterparts and you can get the same great performance as the larger model for a fraction of the price. It also comes with a larger battery pack, which should help it to last longer when compared to other scooters in the range.

Although the Envy scooter is reasonably new on the market there is still a huge amount of feedback about it and many people have already taken advantage of this. This is down to the fact that this particular brand offers great value for money and that those who buy it are able to enjoy the benefits from a low-price product.

Even if you do not want to buy the Envy Prodigy scooter just because of the price, it is still worth considering because of the quality and reliability of this particular brand. The company is one of the most trusted names in the market and if you choose one of the models from this company then you will be guaranteed of a long, happy riding experience.

When it comes to buying a complete scooter there are a wide range of different models from which to choose. All of these models can provide a good level of comfort and safety for the user, but some are better suited to a certain group of users, so it is important to think about what your needs and tastes are and how comfortable you would like to be on the scooter before making your purchase. If you are not sure then you can always ask your dealer or even an expert on scooters about the types of scooters available and what you should look out for when buying one.

Another important factor to consider is the ease of maintenance of the scooters. In order to keep them looking good and operating efficiently, you need to ensure that they are serviced on a regular basis and also that they are checked for any problems that may arise.

Before buying a scooter it is best to go over the various models on offer and ensure that you do your research to make sure that you choose the scooter that is right for your needs. Once you have made your decision then you can start taking the first steps toward enjoying the great fun that riding scooters offer.

To make sure that you buy the right Envy scooter for your needs, it is important to take the time to find a reputable dealer. Make sure that the one you end up buying from has had lots of feedback and will be willing to answer any questions that you may have.

If you want to buy a scooter with a lot of options then you may want to opt for a more luxurious model. If you are going to be spending a lot of money then you will probably want to look at one of the more expensive models because these tend to have a lot of features and can be very comfortable to use for many people.

Some people choose to buy their Envy scooters for their everyday purposes and use them for commuting or to go on long journeys. Others may use their bikes to get around and so for these people it may be a better idea to purchase a smaller more economical model.

However if you choose a cheaper model then you may be able to save a lot of money because you can use this money to pay for maintenance costs. It is essential to make sure that you do your research and buy a model that is right for your particular needs so that you get all of the benefits from a good quality scooter but at a lower price.

Product Features

HIGH QUALITY LIGHT WEIGHT S8 Prodigy Deck 495mm(19.5") x 120mm(4.72") x 340mm(13.4") Foot Space in quality Oil Slick finish. LIGHT WEIGHT HIGH DENSITY Aluminium Reaper Style bars 620mm/24.4" high x 520mm/20.5" wide with 160mm(6.3") TPR Hand Grips designed for comfort and durability. HIGH GRADE 6061 Forged V2 Prodigy IHC Forks in Matte Black. Compatible with up to 125mm x 30mm Wheel sizes. Sturdy CNC 2 Bolt 6 mm Oversize Clamp. FAST & SMOOTH 120mm 6063 Hollow Core wheels with 86A Poly Urethane and ABEC9 Bearings. The S8 Prodigy Complete comes with high-quality Grip tape, Nylon Front Plate and Rear Inserts as standard. The S8 PRODIGY Scooter is best suited for the INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED rider and comes ready assembled in box, just clamp the bars on and ride.