Banne Scooter Height Adjustable Lean to Steer Flashing PU Wheels 3 Wheel Kick Scooters for Kids Boys Girls (Black)

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Product Description

If you are on the lookout for a good and affordable way of moving forward with your disability then the Banne Scooter is the best option available to you. This device is designed to be used as an alternative to regular power wheelchairs. As this is powered by the use of an electric motor, you will not have to depend upon the battery for the duration that your mobility scooter is in use. It can be operated either as a push wheelchair or a power scooter.

This new product from Banne is one of the most advanced and user-friendly power wheelchairs that have ever been introduced. It is designed with the latest technology in mind. These new devices have a new remote control and a display screen in their control panel. You are even provided with a rechargeable battery pack for you to enjoy longer journeys. They are lightweight and compact, which makes them very easy to take along with you on your travels.

You are provided with many innovative features such as adjustable lighting systems, adjustable armrests and fold up seats that allow you to use it while sitting down. There are even safety features such as alarms, safety straps and emergency stops. There are different models to choose from depending upon your needs and requirements. However, the basic model that comes with a three wheel chair lift is enough for most people.

There are several reasons why you may want to use the Banne Scooter. One of these reasons is if you are a person who needs to travel from one place to another frequently. If you travel with your family or if you have limited mobility then you will need to make use of the Banne Scooter to reach places that you normally would not have been able to reach with a standard power wheelchair. This is the reason why this mobility device is gaining popularity among disabled individuals in the UK.

These scooters are designed to be very easy to operate. Their control panel is easy to use and has a wide range of buttons to operate. There are also two wheels mounted on the front side which allows you to reach places that normal wheelchairs cannot.

These scooters are available with a variety of different styles and brands. You can either go for the classic type, which comes in white or black or the more modern variety that comes in bright colors such as red, green and blue. You also have the option of buying them from online stores, as well as there are many online stores selling different varieties of these devices.

The best part about these devices is that they come with the ability to attach to power wheelchair lifts. so you can also get the mobility scooter on the road with ease and convenience. You can travel with comfort and safety too. The price of these items vary depending upon the brand and the number of models that you have bought. The cost of each and every item will also depend on the quality of materials used.

There are many benefits that one gets from the use of the power wheel chair lifts. These lifts are perfect if you travel from one point to another. One can take part in activities such as taking a walk in a park and even taking a train or a bus. This is due to the fact that these lifts have all the features of power wheelchairs but without having to have to depend upon a battery to operate them.

Product Features

Stable Design&Quick Storage-With soft rubber handlebar,high-strength aluminum alloy pipe,maximum load-bearing board,the scooter can support 132lbs weight.Easy folding in a second and no assemble needed,it's perfect for quick storage and transportation. Height Adjustable&Anti-Slip-Height can be adjusted from 24.7 inch to 35.3 inch,which makes it fit for the growing of your kid.Zebra stripe extra-wide deck design makes it more anti-slip and safer to play. Easy Lean to Steer-The scooter will turn in the direction where you incline and apply presure.The lean to steer mechenism and the rear brake feature makes it very safe to keep balance and stable to steer around corners. Smoother Ride with Luminous Wheels-With 120mm PU flashing wheels,it's wear-resistant,anti-slip,cool to play and contributes to smooth noiseless gliding.The big and stable wheels can adapt to various pavement such as the pebbles,the grass,the asphalt,the concrete,wooden floor and on the carpet. We offer 1-Year excellant customer service,which makes your purchase absolutely risk-free and you can enjoy its quality and durability.